The AK-74, a symbol of Soviet engineering, has a storied history. Introduced in 1974, this assault rifle followed the iconic AK-47. Its 5.45x39mm caliber enhanced accuracy and reduced recoil, making it a reliable choice. It served extensively in various conflicts, showcasing durability and adaptability. With over four decades of service, the AK-74 remains an enduring testament to its innovative design and impact on modern warfare. Mini model guns, like the 1:2 scale AK replicas, are a delight for enthusiasts. These intricately crafted pieces capture the essence of iconic firearms in a compact form. The 1:2 scale AK replica stands out, offering fans a chance to own a detailed homage to a legendary rifle, perfect for display and collection. Metal Body Display stand Removable magazines, hammer and trigger that actually moves. Non-Function / For Display Only For USA Buyer please follow the link to order it.

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