The Taran Tactical G34 GEN 4 is a highly sought-after pistol designed for competitive shooting and self-defense. This firearm is a variant of the Glock 34, which has been modified and enhanced by Taran Tactical Innovations, a company known for their expertise in customizing firearms for professional shooters. The Taran Tactical G34 GEN 4 features a number of upgrades including a flared magwell, fiber optic sights, and a stippled grip, all of which are intended to enhance the shooter's accuracy and control. Additionally, the pistol has a reduced trigger pull and improved trigger reset, making it an ideal choice for competitive shooters who demand a high level of performance from their firearms. Overall, the Taran Tactical G34 GEN 4 is a reliable and highly capable pistol that has gained a reputation for excellence among competitive shooters and firearm enthusiasts. Collecting miniature toy guns is a popular hobby among enthusiasts. These small replicas offer a unique and affordable way to appreciate the design and history of firearms. Collectors can build impressive collections that range from classic to modern, and showcase their passion for miniature toy guns through display cases and exhibits. Metal slide Polymer Lower Frame G34 Gen 4 Extra 5 CNC 2 tone bullets Glock Mini Case

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