Product size: 54*13*6.5 Number of parts: 496 pieces Assembly time: 4-5 hours 30 wood assembled shotguns, powered by rubber bands, hit wooden bullets, prepare 32 rounds of ammunition, can be equipped with 8 rounds at a time, no glue is needed throughout the process,Wood mortise and tenon structure, can be played or placed at home for decoration When you place an order, you will receive assembly tools, color paper manuals and electronic manuals. I have been a static model player since I was a child, so I have high requirements for details, cad drawing, 30 simulation assembly, accurate calculation of tenon position, and sure Ensure that the matching accuracy is within 0.01mm. In terms of appearance, the connection points are also exquisitely designed, and the connection points are hidden. When the parts are taken off, Easier, less prone to tearing and better looking

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